Logistics Fin HR Manager – Palermo project

Planning, coordinating, and monitoring all technical logistics, supply chain, HR and finance related activities in the project according to MSF protocols, standards and policies, in order to optimize the mission’s response to the needs of the target population and ensure an optimal running of the project.

Main responsibilities


  • Supervising, planning and guaranteeing the quality of construction and rehabilitation projects and the first line ICT support, ensuring an update inventory of all the IT assets present in the project.
  • Ensuring and monitoring of the implementation of logistics activities in the field: construction, transport of goods and staff, communications, water and sanitation, vehicles and engines, equipment/installation and infrastructures, communications, etc.) ensuring compliance of MSF standards, protocols and procedures, and reporting to the Project Coordinator or Mission logistics manager on the development of the ongoing programs
  • Ensuring technical reference for all logistics/technical issue in the project
  • Provide regular reports on activities and logistical technical families


  • Coordinating, in close collaboration with the Project Coordinator, the Medical referent in the project and the Mission Log Manager, the supply chain processes and systems, keeping updated information on stocks (expiry dates, security level, pipeline and lead times) in order to ensure availability of all the medical and non-medical material and related services under optimal conditions.
  • Supervising administration related activities, in close relation with the Finance-Admin Manager and in accordance with the MSF purchasing and payment procedures for the mission
  • Ensure installation and maintenance of functional office space(s) and lodging facilities for staff in adequate living conditions
  • Ensure implementation and follow up of the processes for local purchases, guaranteeing respect of the policy in place.
  • Monitoring and ensuring the efficient and smooth running of the following supply activities in the project: order processing, local purchase management, physical (warehousing) and administrative (management of movements) stock management, freight management, supply administration and implementation of standard supply procedures.


  • Support and participate to the implementation, in conjunction with the line manager the water sanitation activities planned for the Project, proposing improvements when necessary, in order to ensure project healthy conditions.


  • Carrying out Finance related activities, in close relation with the Finance Manager, ensuring transparency on accountancy as well as coherent information on service supply chain processes
  • Ensuring the update of the expenses and fiscal documents based on the Fiscal Italian Law related to the payments done by the project (Postepay Evolution debit card)
  • Ensuring the update of the File Preventivi according to the budget lines
  • Follow up of the rent contract and utilities in coordination with the Finance Manager


  • Planning, supervising and ensuring the implementation of, in close coordination with the HRCo, the associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing, induction, evaluation, potential detection, development and communication) of the project staff in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required.
  • Advising on set-up and updating the project’s organizational chart and job descriptions and assisting the PC, and/or team leaders and supervisors to draw up annual holiday planning and staff shifts in order to forecast HR needs and to ensure HR availability for the project activities.
  • Ensuring hiring, amendments and contract termination formalities for employees at project level are according to local labour laws. Archiving and updating individual employee files, informing them on their rights in order to ensure legal compliance. In close collaboration with the PC and HRCo, looking for the best options to avoid and/or solve possible labour conflicts in the project.
  • Ensuring that all data related to monthly salary calculation of the project national employees are correctly entered in Personnel File (days off, unpaid leaves, sick leaves, overtime, salary advance, etc.), in order to ensure on time and accurate salary payments.
  • In close collaboration with the PC and HR Programmes, implementing the administrative procedures of any Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in force between local partners (e.g. Ministry of Health, etc.) and MSF.
  • In close collaboration with the PC and HR Programmes, implementing all HR policies in force in the mission
  • Being responsible for all movements and/or accommodation of staff in the Project.

 Profile and qualifications


  • Essential: secondary education or technical skills in one or more of the following fields: ICT, supply management, Logistics, finance, management (business, HR) or administration.
  • Essential: valid driving license


  • Essential, 2-year of previous working experience in relevant or similar jobs.
  • Essential: previous experience with MSF


  • Essential : Italian (C1)
  • Essential : English (B1)


  • User level knowledge of MS
  • Computer literacy


  • People Management and Development
  • Commitment to MSF Principles
  • Behavioural Flexibility
  • Results and Quality Orientation
  • Teamwork and Cooperation


Contract: Fixed term contract (11 months), full time. Level 2 of Italian CCNL of commerce.

Gross Annual Salary:  30,431 – 36,518 € depending on the experience of the selected candidate.

Duty Station: Based in the MSF office in Palermo, with possible travels in the Region.

Deadline for applications: 21st January 2021

Possible starting date: 1/2/2021




Logistics Fin HR Manager

Deadline for applications: 21st January 2021

Possible starting date: 1/2/2021


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